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Workers’ Compensation

Workers’ Compensation law covers employees injured during the course of their employment. Many different types of injuries are covered. These injuries fall under two categories; accidental injuries, and occupational diseases. Accidental injuries occur when something happens suddenly or unexpectedly. For example, someone slipping and falling on ice and injuring their knee would be considered an accidental injury.

An occupational disease, however, is something that does not occur at a specific point in time, but instead happens over the course of the employment. Usually, these types of injuries occur from jobs that have repetitive type movements. For example, one common occupational disease that is well known is carpal tunnel syndrome. Many office workers who spend their days typing on a computer may develop carpal tunnel syndrome. While these types of injuries are distinct in how they occur, the benefits available are very much the same.

There are three primary benefits available for an injured worker. First, the injured worker can be paid wages when they are out of work recovering from an injury. To claim those wages, a worker must obtain a note from their treating doctor indicating they are unable to work due to the injury. Next, injured workers are provided medical benefits for any treatment that is reasonable, necessary, and causally related to the workplace injury. The injured worker should not incur any co-pays or deductibles that are routine with health insurance benefits. Third, injured workers can receive a settlement for any permanent injury that may exist due to their workplace injury. To assist in determining any permanent injury, a medical doctor will usually evaluate an injury using the American Medical Association’s Guidelines for evaluation of permanent impairment.

Poe Law, LLC has extensive experience in handling workers’ compensation cases. It is important to contact a workers’ compensation attorney as soon as possible after injury because there are numerous deadlines and limitations that can preclude an injured worker from recovering benefits if not timely pursued. The workers compensation insurance companies have experts on the other side of the case, working against you to limit benefits they pay. You also need an expert in your corner to protect your rights and to ensure these benefits are paid timely and fairly.

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