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Slip and Fall

Slip and falls can occur on snow, ice, water, or any other slippery substance that is not properly cleaned. When pursuing a claim for slip and fall injuries, it is important to determine why the injured person was on the property. Maryland law separates individuals into categories that require different burdens of proof for slip and fall lawsuits.

There are four categories, an invitee, a social guest or licensee by invitation, a bare licensee, or a trespasser. A person is an invitee when they are invited onto an occupier’s property for business purposes. For example, a person shopping in a grocery store may slip and fall on a liquid that the store failed to properly clean. That grocery shopper was on the premises to shop and purchase items related to that business. Therefore, they would be in invitee. The duty of a property owner to an invitee is the highest duty in Maryland, which requires reasonable care to make the property safe. This contrasts with a bare license or trespasser where the duty of the property owner is to simply refrain from willful injury.

Slip and fall cases are also unique because they require proof that the property owner was aware or had some “notice” of the defective condition or spill. This requirement can defeat recovery if some evidence is not obtained to prove the property owner had notice. Poe Law, LLC is experienced in investigating and pursuing these claims to ensure a property owner cannot escape liability for negligent injuries inflicted by claiming ignorance. Poe Law, LLC will fully investigate your claim to obtain all relevant evidence, and you pay no fee until we win your case.

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